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SydneyBiz. started the first Sydney Internet directory in the early 1990's and aptly named it...

The Sydney Internet Directory.

It was for many years the forerunner to all the directory sites there are today. In those days many businesses were skeptical of the internet and thought it was a fad, here today gone tomorrow so they didn't want to invest in creating a full web site and internet presence.

We offered the option to that. We allowed them to purchase pages by the year in our directory so they could still have representation and be able to showcase and sell their goods and services.

As the internet evolves more and more businesses see the value in having their own web site and web site name. Many are moving from their rental shops and offices to cheaper locations and even their homes to operate in an environment which is far more productive. To do this they need promotion and a 'shop front' and this is where the web comes in.

We create web sites for businesses of all sizes from multi nationals to small Ma and Pa businesses, associations and clubs. Whether it be to showcase their goods or services or to have a fully operational shopping cart, we are there to walk them hand in hand into this new area of expertise.

We have some clients of many years who didn't want to look at a computer let alone the internet yet today they have the laptops, all the web gadgets and booming shopping cart businesses.

If you wish to know more about our services, please give us a call or email and let us talk with you without any spin. It is very simple to get your business online. All it takes is to contact us.

Thanks for your time.

SydneyBiz and Website-Mall Webmaster

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